Saturday at the Obon Festivalpic

Saturday at the Obon Festival

If you've never been to a Japanese summer festival, you should consider checking out the one hosted annually by the Oxnard Buddhist Temple. Dancers and…
imajunky Jul 09, 2006
Another reason top love the Nardpic

Another reason top love the Nard

People who don't live here often have bad things to say about Oxnard. To me, it's just like any other place. You see what you want to…
imajunky Feb 03, 2006
The little boat that couldpic

The little boat that could

Thoughts from a little skiff..."When I grow up I'm gonna be a Tall Ship too."
imajunky Aug 06, 2005

Wild thangs

Every so often I'm reminded why it is so important for me to teach my rugrats the difference between playtime and listen-to-daddy time. I play with them, I…
imajunky Aug 02, 2005
Isn't she beautiful? You should see her mama.pic
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  • Oxnard CA, US
  • 42 Male, Cancer
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  • Member Since: 2005-07-27
  • Relationship Status: married
  • Education: Some College
  • Occupation: Digital Media

About Me:

I'm a digitial media man.

I like to pretend I'm good at pool, arguing, video production, and writing but not necessarily in that order. I love my wife and it pleases me entirely too much that she is capable of tolerating me. As a kid, people always said I was mature for my age. Most people wouldn't say that about me now.

I flirt with my wife every day and spend much of my time finding new and creative ways to grab her ass without my kids taking notice of my perverted behavior.

I am the father of two girls and someday I hope to have at least one more pup. Until then I'll just have to continue behaving like the third child in the family. Good luck honey.

Want to know more? Poke your head into my galleries and journals. I almost always have more to say than most people want to read, but hey... My site, my rules.


Yeah, I'm an artist too. I love using oils, acrylics, pencil and sculpting with just about everything. I used to sling ink to pull in some extra bucks, but I never really took it very seriously., I like taking pictures. In fact, I love taking pictures. If I thought I could make any money at it, I'd probably accrue a disgusting amount of debt just to go to a decent photography school. But I am smart enough to know that I'm too far along in my current life path to change directions now, and I'm not really all that talented with a camera in the first place., I also love my tools. Carpentry is just like any other type of art, with one difference. Precision is necessary. You can cheat with most other mediums, but if you screw up the measurements and angles on a cut, you're screwed., I guess film is like that, in a way. When it comes to working with video and stills, lighting is everything. But then again, what the hell do I know?

Favorite Music:

Progressive trance, classic rock, hard rock and a bunch of stuff I have yet to find a way to classify.

Favorite Movies:

Too many to name.

Favorite TV Shows:

TV generally sucks, but I used to get sucked into The Practice. Crossing Jordan and Without a Trace have also been known to pull me in. Lately, I've become enamoured with Arrested development, which, in my opinion, should mark the beginning of a great comeback for funny TV shows. However, it doesn't look like its going to be around very long. The network that owns it seems to be going out of its way to make the show fail. I haven't seen any signs of marketing for this show since it first hit the small screen, and now their cutting the final season short. Too bad.

Favorite Books:

Anything by Richard Russo. If you aren't familiar with his work, go shopping. You won't be dissapointed.